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Happy Heart Cafe


March 2019

Tuesday 5th - CRUNCH craft group 10am-12

Wednesday 6th - Meditation 7:15pm 

Friday 8th - Networking 1:30-3pm

Friday 8th - Vegan Pop-Up 7:30pm

Sunday 10th - Breakfast Club 11am-1pm, Zero Store 2-4pm

Monday 11th - Fiction Night 7pm

Tuesday 12th - Guitar Live 8pm

Wednesday 13th - Meditation 7:15pm 

Friday 15th - Connection to Self with Scott Williamson 7pm

Monday 18th - Book club (Private SPICE event)

Tuesday 19th - CRUNCH craft group 10am-12

Tuesday 19th - Vegan bring and share 6:30pm (Private Group)

Wednesday 20th - Meditation 7:15pm 

Thursday 21st - Peachy in The Park (Health and wellness seminar) - provisional

Friday 22nd - Psychic Night 7:30pm

Wednesday 27th - Meditation 7:15pm 

Friday 29th - Temple of the Heart Meditation with Scott Williamson 7pm

​Saturday 30th - Exploring The Akashic Records 3-5pm

APRIL 2019

Tuesday 2nd - CRUNCH craft group 10am-12

Wednesday 3rd - Meditation 7:15pm 

​Friday 5th - Storytelling 7pm

Monday 8th - Fiction Night 7pm

Tuesday 9th - Guitar Live 8pm

Wednesday 10th - Meditation 7:15pm 

Friday 12th - Networking 1:30-3pm

Friday 12th - Vegan Pop-Up 7:30pm

Saturday 13th - Psychic Night 7:30pm

Sunday 14th - Breakfast Club 11am-1pm, Zero Store 2-4pm

​Monday 15th - Book club (Private SPICE event)

Tuesday 16th - CRUNCH craft group 10am-12

Wednesday 17th - Meditation 7:15pm 

Wednesday 24th - Meditation 7:15pm 

Tuesday 30th - CRUNCH craft group 10am-12