People Protecting the Planet is a new Movement by the Happy Heart Cafe to encourage people to make changes to their lives for the benefit of the planet:  We will be having a range of workshops and events - so please join us and make a difference:

DID YOU KNOW?  We sell a range of bamboo lunch boxes and cups with silicon lids for £5 each.

And we have Stainless Steel straws - 5 in a lovely cotton pack with a cleaning brush for £6.50

Other things we recycle:

Aluminium can ring pulls - collected for wheelchair charity

Pens, Foreign Coins, ink cartridges  for the Alzheimer's Society

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Latex Gloves (Why we will not be using Gloves)

Should you wear latex gloves when out and about? Like with surgical masks, Public Health England and the NHS have not recommended the use of surgical or latex gloves as a protective measure for the general public against COVID-19. While it’s true that gloves provide a barrier between your hands and other surfaces, they might give people a false sense of security, can be wasteful as they need to be disposed of after use and hand washing is a better preventative measure anyway. Prolonged wear may also irritate your hands.

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