We understand that there are many people who, through medical reasons or choice, require a specialist diet.

Therefore we ensure there are always food available for those who are:

DAIRY-FREE - soya and/or almond milk alternatives are always available, as well as dairy-free spread.

GLUTEN-FREE - we always have at least one cake available that is gluten-free as well as gluten-free bread.

VEGETARIAN - enjoy a big breakfast with Halloumi rather than bacon


  • all our home-made soups are vegan
  • 2 vegan cakes (our famous Healthy Heart and the Superfood Power Bar) and raw vegan desserts (kept in the freezer)
  • vegan wrap (with mushrooms, humous and veg)
  • baked potato with beans or humous
  • vegan curry or chilli (with baked potato or couscous or stir-fry noodles)
  • bean stew 
  • vegan wrap-pizza

Happy Heart Cafe